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Girls Leading Our World (GLOW)

GLOW – Girls Leading Our World – is a eight-day, multi-cultural camp for 80 girls to promote leadership, friendship, and self-confidence.

Category: Local YMCA's events
Date: 22nd July 2017 - 29th July 2017
Place: Begova Korija (Shula Mina) Krushevo, Macedonia

Organized and coordinated by YMCA Bitola and Peace Corps volunteers, GLOW is an annual summer program that has been held in Macedonia since 2002 in various locations in Macedonia. The curriculum includes democracy, leadership, civic responsibility, volunteerism, environmentalism, personal development, women's studies, health, artistic expression, and recreation. GLOW seeks to empower girls to become active leaders in their communities, break down cultural barriers, and promote volunteerism.

The mission of Camp GLOW is to develop the inherent potential found in the young women of Macedonia by providing them with the skills and knowledge necessary to become active leaders in their communities. This is done through experiential education that celebrates diversity, builds academic and social competencies, and promotes English language literacy, leadership, teamwork, problem solving, and creative expression. We recruit young women who have the desire to challenge themselves in working with peers in traditional and nontraditional academic environments. We strive as staff members to uphold our Program Mission, achieve our goals and objectives, and most importantly, encourage and support our campers' growth and development.

The Camp GLOW staff is made up of: YMCA Bitola staff, Peace Corps Volunteers from America and former Camp GLOW campers. This dedicated staff has created all elements of the camp from planning to implementation and has volunteered their time to share this. Camp GLOW is result of the successful partnership between YMCA Bitola and Peace Corps since October 2015.

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