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14th June 2017

YMCA Valletta in Malta, has continued running various programmes and projects and these are some highlights that we would like to share with all YMCA friends.

Corporate Social Responsibility

YMCA Malta entered in various project collaborations, within the past six months, to continue strengthen some of the projects. Various private organisations and companies believes in the work YMCA is doing in Malta and after they teamed up their employees, they gave each a unique contribution. YMCA Malta would like to thanks the employees of ARMS Social Committee for spending a whole day of spring cleaning at the YMCA Residential facility and cooking a common meal for the homeless. Also, thanks go to the Armier Beach Party for throwing a Summer Activity in aid of YMCA Valletta. A big thank you to Betsson Heroes from Betsson Company for creating a huge bazar in aid of YMCA Valletta a monitory donation of Eur 2000. Last but not the least, our lot of appreciation to Vivian Corporation for supplying YMCA with food items for the homeless residence & Apple Core Food Ltd. for inviting YMCA residents for free food festivities.

Leadership Workshops

The young people of the California State University San Marcos and their dedicated Lecturer Elizabeth Bigham, organized a Leadership Workshops where they delivered to the YMCA young volunteers and members a series of workshops on inclusive language, emotional maturity and professional development.

Strengthening our Employees & Volunteers through Training

Together with People For Change Foundation in March 2017, the YMCA staff & volunteers have been trained against Hate Crime and Hate Speech. In April 2017 staff were exposed to a Safeguarding Training Workshop to enhance the work we do with children and their safety. The YMCA continued to hold periodical meetings with volunteers to discuss ongoing and new projects. These training experiences is what supports and strengthen the Maltese YMCA team to continue developing professionally.

An ever growing Volunteers Community

YMCA Malta continued to accept volunteers & young people locally and from all over Europe to help and get involved in all the projects. YMCA has 129 committed volunteers this year who offered not less than 16,811 hours of volunteering. The YMCA continued to provide them with the necessary training, wonderful experience and a nice certificate of appreciation to acknowledge their hard work.

Annual YMCA THINK Days

The annual YMCA THINK Days were held in May 2017 to reflect on the work and plan for another fruitful year. Many thanks go to the staff & volunteers for being involved throughout these three days, to the Y`s Men Friends in Malta who participated in the event and to Mathilde Emilie Thue from Norway - member in the Executive of World YMCA. Read more about Mathilde`s visit here

Strengthening our Outreach? Programmes

The Maltese YMCA continued to delve into ?the opportunity to reach out to young people through the volunteers who carried out a number of workshops in a Government school, creating awareness of what YMCA in Malta stands for and highlighting the reality of homelessness. Some of the students wrote reflective diaries about the homelessness and others were brought to the YMCA shelter to experience the environment themselves.

Visit of our Secretary General in Malta

Our Secretary General, Juan Simoes Iglesias visited the YMCA in Malta 9 th to 11th of June: the YMCA premises in Valletta and Msida and met the board and the leaders of the organization which plays such a very important role in the Maltese community.


Author/Source: Anthony Camilleri, YMCA Malta