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Youth Empowerment Space (YES)

Mission statement

YES stands for Youth Empowerment Space.

It is a network of young leaders aged 18-30 advocating for youth empowerment and youth representation at all levels of European YMCAs and YMCA Europe, aiming to give young people a voice about issues that concern them. YES hopes to have a representative from each European YMCA in order to get young voices heard across countries and to ensure equal representation across the continent. This is done through consultation and engagement with participants of the forum. We involve our representatives in the annual YES Seminar and the YMCA General Assembly, and local and national YES-like events, and provide international experience for young leaders.

YES Board

A new YES board was elected during the YES meeting in Madrid between the 2nd and 5th of May 2016 for a two year term, and now holds six members instead of five. The new members are Katka Javurkova (Czech Republic), Gerald Chifamba (England), and Ashleigh Cullen (Wales), joining Yuliia Polyvka (Ukraine), Alice Firbank (England) and Chris Richards (Wales).

You can meet the board below

Iuliia Polyvka, Chair (Ukraine)
Responsible for the Board, Coordination

Involvement with YMCA:
International coordinator of YMCA Ukraine;
Volunteer at YMCA Kyiv;
Change agent 2014-2015;

Alice Firbank, Vice Chair (England)
Responsible for: Projects & Fundraising

Involvement with YMCA:
Youth Ambassador for YMCA England;
Volunteer at YMCA Suffolk;

Chris Richards, Minutes Secretary (Wales)
Responsible for: Coordinating with YMCA Europe`s Programme Groups

Involvement with YMCA:
Chairman of Newport YMCA;
Youth Ambassador for YMCA England;
World YMCA Change Agent;
Member of the YMCA's in Wales Strategic Development Group;

Katka Javurkova, Assessor (Czech Republic)
Responsible for: Communication and PR

Involvement with YMCA:
TenSing Leader;
Change Agent;
Youth Ambassador for YMCA Czech Republic;

Gerald Chifamba, Assessor (England)
Responsible for: Policy & Advocacy

Involvement with YMCA:
Project Coordinator at Coventry and Warwickshire YMCA;
Volunteer Basketball Coach at Coventry and Warwickshire YMCA;
Youth Ambassador for YMCA England;
Member of YMCA England Health and Wellbeing Committee;
Co-coordinator for World YMCA Health Resource Group;

Ashleigh Cullen, Assessor (Wales)
Responsible for: YES Ambassadors & National Movement

Involvement with YMCA:
Diversity Youth Support Officer;
LGBT Youth Leader;
Change Agent;
Youth Ambassador for YMCA England;

The role of the board

The role of the Board is to collect input from the YES Group Forum, in aim to put forward the voice of youth within YMCA Europe. Each year, the board organises and holds a meeting for young leaders in the same location as the YMCA Europe General Assembly (GA). The YES group then attends the GA together.

The board communicates with YMCA Europe to ensure that they are kept up to date on key issues and holds objectivity when collecting and collating information for presentation. The board stands to be the link for communication between the YES Group Forum and YMCA Europe, to be active in advocating for the needs of young people, in co-operation with YMCA Europe staff and Policy Group. The board also ensures youth representation at international youth events, such as the European Youth Event (EYE), and cooperation with the programme groups of YMCA Europe.

In effort for this, the board meets twice a year to ensure thorough organisation of the YES.

YES group forum

The role of the forum is to collate the views of young people in countries across Europe around issues that affect them and their peers, other young people involved with their YMCAs and communities.

The forum will grow to count as many young people involved with YMCAs in Europe as possible, in the age range of 18 - 30 years. The members of the YES Forum are responsible for the input of their country and actively participate by collecting and reporting information to the wider forum.

YES group members are encouraged to apply for the annual YES seminar and training events. If you would like to find out more about YES, or how you can get involved and participate, you can find us on Facebook. You can also follow us on Twitter (@YMCA_YES).

Contact: yes@ymcaeurope.com

Any further information regarding YES can be found in the YES handbook below.


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