„YMCA Europe is a working fellowship to strengthen movements where people grow in body, mind and spirit.“

YMCA European Spectrum (YES)

Mission statement

YES logoThe aim of YES is for young people to have a voice within YMCA on subjects of concern to them. YES is made up of young people from YMCA's in Europe between 16 - 30. YES aims to have a member from each European YMCA who participates actively in the process, therefore providing opportunities for young people to develop on an international scene. YES is a consultative group of YMCA Europe.

YES Board

A new YES board was elected during a YES meeting in Tallinn between the 14th and the 17th of may 2015.

The board was elected for a two year term and consits of

Tinna Rós Steinsdóttir, Chair (Iceland)
Iuliia Pustovoit, Vice-Chair (Ukraine)
Maria Pronina, (Russia)
Alice Firbank, (UK)
Chris Richards, (UK)

The role of the board is to collect and arrange input from the YES Group forum aiming to put forward the voice of youth within YMCA Europe. Therefore the board will organise and attend a young peoples meeting prior to each YMCA Europe General Assembly and attend the General Assembly in the same venue. The board members will meet twice per year. The board will be objective when collecting and collating information that will be presented to YMCA Europe and will communicate with YMCA Europe to ensure that they are kept up to date on key issues. The board will be the link between the YES Group forum and YMCA Europe.

YES group

The function of the forum is to collate the views of young people within their countries concerning issues within their YMCA's. The forum will consist of as many young people from Europe as possible, in the age range of 16 - 30 years. The members of the YES Group forum are responsible for the input of their country. They have to collect and report information to the wider YES forum.The forum is open to all young people that are involved in the YMCA. In general it meets once per year prior to the YMCA Europe General Assembly.

Any further information regarding YES can be found in the YES handbook below.



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