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17th February 2017

The young people do represent the present, not only the future!

Years have passed since I joined the beautiful world of EU studies, but it was just a few days ago, when I first travelled to Brussels for my first professional experience in the heart of Europe. I had there the pleasure to meet the Youth Policy Group team, and to work side by side with my fellow colleagues from Albania, Germany, Serbia, Iceland, Italy, The Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. Together, we prepared drafts on four policy papers: Youth Empowerment, Youth Unemployment, Migration and Peace and Justice.

Even though the time was very short, we accomplished so many things in just one and a half day. We debated upon the major challenges faced by the young people in Europe, the similarities between countries, the differences in our approaches and the things that should unite us. At one moment, it was like being a member of the Parliament and striving to get the best expression of your rational ideals. When I applied for this position I expected to broaden my knowledge and experience in the field of youth, but I have never expected to be at the table where so many smart ideas were brought forward.

As we emphasised during our meeting that the young people do represent the present, not only the future, I believe that the work of YPG is a very important one. Our role is to make sure that the needs of youth are heard in places where laws are being adopted. But in the same time, we all have the responsibility of working with and for the young people around us. With every piece of information or opportunity they get from us, their life can change for better. And that is not only a responsibility but also a proof of trust that has been given to us by the YMCA Europe.

Author/Source: Eliza Vas, YMCA Europe Youth Policy Group