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Bosnia and Herzegovina

Cooperating Movement since 2011

Inicijativa mladih za kreativni angazman IMKA/YMCA BIH

Isevica Sokak 25
71000 Sarajevo
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Phone: +38762973966
E-mail: tennissarajevo@gmail.com
URL: https://imkatennisclubsarajevo.wordpress.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tenissarajevo

President: Azra Bogucanin

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina

At youth initiative for creative engagment IMKA we aim to provide exceptional sport leisure activities and early childhood education through our combined day and after school center where we besides educative activities and workshops covering languages, crafts and creative arts run the succesful tennis program . Besides tennis we offer soccer training for generations of Bosnian kids and youth that embraces diversity and interethnic cooperation, making these youth into responsible healthy citizens free of prejudice and stereotypes. Tennis/and from last summer soccer was chosen as a tool to achieve the project objectives. In general sport is non-political (apolitical) and a neutral field, where the beneficiaries of the project (elementary and high school students); easiest and fastest grow together as a group on deeper meaningful level. Sport is a widespread social activity that touches nearly all categories of society and this is especially more true with young people. One of the basic methods of application of this tool is that children from different ethnic groups are grouped in joint teams. Organization of the contests, tournaments and various get together are group activities are perfect opportunity to tackle many issues that are critical for Bosnian community and its future in a sense of citizen education and peaceful coexistence and wellbeing. Many peace projects in Bosnia has failed and our coaches NGO previous experience in this area had shown itself insufficiently efficient, meaning it had short term reach as pressures from other sides were bigger. Mosques, churches, formal education media had far more reaching and stronger effect on both kids and parents. The need for continual social initiative emerged out of this in terms of tennis academy focusing mainly on building pro athletes but with exceptional character. Our indirect talking of character building ,conflict resolution, stereotypes, prejudices and human rights implementation in action through sport has proven itself very successful as our kids are definitely growing up in more responsible citizens with more developed compassion.