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2nd February 2021

We are extremely proud and happy to announce that we will organize the second conference about the work of YMCA’s in Europe with/for refugees and migrants on February 19th 2021 from 15:00 to 17.30 CET

The first conference took place in 2016 and the report is available here.

Since then, YMCA Europe has published Policy Paper on Migration and has established a YMCA Europe Working Group on Refugees in February 2019.

“Refugees” are in this context defined as refugees; migrants; asylum seekers and internally displaced persons.

The Working Group on Refugees founded a database with - at the moment - more than 50 YMCA projects with/for refugees and migrants in Europe. See at the end of this article.

Although public attention for the fate of refugees and migrants and the developments in the receiving countries, as well as the priorities in several YMCA’s vary, the subject is not less relevant than it was 5 years ago.

Therefore YMCA Europe´ Working Group on Refugees organises a new conference about this subject on February 19th 2021 (from 15:00 to 17.30 CET). This time online as a physical conference is not yet possible because of COVID-19.

The conference is open for professionals and volunteers from YMCA’s in Europe and worldwide. For those who are working with refugees/migrants and those who consider to start projects, but also for anyone else in the YMCA who is interested in the subject.

During the conference we will have speakers from the high level organisations like the  European Commission, the International Organisation for Migration of the UN and the World Alliance of YMCAs. Inputs will also be given by colleagues from YMCA’s in the USA, Germany, France, Greece, Spain and Ireland who will talk about their specific projects related to the integration of refugees and migrants in the receiving communities.

At the end of the conference Juan Simoes Iglesias, Secretary-General of YMCA Europe, will reflect on next steps regarding this subject in the strategy of YMCA Europe. There will also be time for inputs from the participants.

Programme (as well available as attachement at the bottom of the article)

The goals of this conference are:

  • Renewing the awareness of YMCA’s for this subject and the relevance for the work of the YMCA;
  • Inspiring YMCA workers (professionals and volunteers);
  • Building a network of YMCA workers for refugees and migrants in Europe and strengthen co-operation with the worldwide networks;
  • Exchanging experiences between practitioners.

Registration information will be available via direct mailing to workers in this field or via the National General Secretaries of the YMCA’s in Europe. 

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