European YMCA Scouting & Jungschar group (ESG)

The European YMCA Scouting and Jungschar Group (ESG) is a working group dedicated to promoting scouting and Jungschar programs for young people. The YMCA believes that scouting and Jungschar can help young people develop important life skills, such as leadership, teamwork, and self-reliance, while also promoting personal growth and social inclusion.

ESG works with YMCA associations across Europe to develop and implement scouting and Jungschar programs that meet the needs and interests of young people. The network also organizes training programs, workshops, and exchange programs for scouting and Jungschar leaders, providing them with the tools and knowledge needed to design and deliver high-quality programs. Through its activities, ESG aims to create a safe and supportive environment where young people can learn, grow, and develop through scouting and Jungschar.

In addition to its work with YMCA associations, ESG also collaborates with other scouting organizations, policymakers, and funders to promote the value of scouting and Jungschar for youth development and social inclusion. The organization advocates for policies and programs that support scouting and Jungschar for young people, and provides expertise and guidance to other organizations working in the field of scouting and youth development. Through its advocacy and networking activities, ESG aims to build a stronger and more connected scouting community in Europe.


The ESG Day takes place every year, at the first Saturday in a full November week.
An elected ESG country will have produced a program material which is available for all nations. The program have national inputs such as songs, games, handicrafts and some cooking. As a response to this all groups who have participated will send a postcard to the creating nation.

ESG Day’s goal is to experience others nations program and to have a better understanding of YMCA Europe. The program includes games, cooking, singing and some surprises. Important part is also to write a post card to the host country about your ESG Day.

The ESG Day will be celebrate this year on November 11th, by YWCA YMCA Switzerland. The program is available here.

ESG Leadership Training and Seminar

ESG Leadership Training and Seminar takes place every year in the end of August or in the beginning of September. An elected ESG country will be hosts for a four days gathering. The program was divided into two parts, where the Leadership Training is for those from 18 and below and the Seminar is for those who are 18 and older.

The Leadership Training brings leaders from all over Europe together to experience other ways of Scouting & Jungschar. You get to know the differences and similarities of our work and have an insight to the Scouting methods. The program consist of pioneering technology workshops, terrain games, cooking on the fire, singing, sports, hiking, unforgettable evenings around the campfire and much more.

The Leadership Seminar gives you the opportunity to meet leaders from all over Europe and to join different workshops and lectures on intercultural communication, YMCA International and experience pedagogy. In addition, you can exchange your ideas with the other leaders on many exciting topics to take back new ideas and ways of working in your YMCA. And of course there will be campfires, hiking and lots of fun. All participants of the seminar are invited to the annual meeting of the ESG.

ESG Executive Committee Members

Chair of the board: Dominic Kalt, Switzerland

Secretary: Ronja Saraste, Finland

Member: Veronika Kozlová, Czech Republic

Member: Florian Schulz, Germany

Member: Péter Zalán, Hungary

Board email: