„YMCA Europe is a working fellowship to strengthen movements where people grow in body, mind and spirit.“

European Sport YMCA (ESY)

European Championships - Sport Seminars

Sport in YMCA Europe

Sport is an important part of the YMCA worldwide. As a programme group of YMCA Europe, ESY organizes since 1952 European YMCA Championships in Basketball, Handball, Table tennis and Volleyball every second year. ESY also offers a leader training seminar for young sport leaders in YMCA .

The ESY-steering committee consists of one person from each European country that offers YMCA sport-activities. They have two meetings each year. One of the meetings contains the ESY annual meeting, where all countries who are interested in YMCA sports are especially welcomed.

European YMCA Championships

YMCA European Championships are open for each European YMCA. National teams or local club teams can participate.
Categories are: Men, women (basketball), junior men and junior women (handball, table tennis, volleyball).

ESY Events 2018

  • ESY Board meeting - 5-8 April 2018 - London (UK)
  • CooL - Cooperative Learning through Sports and Outdoor Activities - Helsinki, Finland from 14th do 20th May 2018
  • ESY Annual meeting - 5th September 2018 - Struga - Republic of North Macedonia
  • ESY Sport seminar - Struga, Republic of Macedonia from 6th to 12th September 2018. Learn more

Contacts ESY steering committee:

Chairman: Mario Trichilo, Italy - mario(at)ymcasiderno.it
Treasurer: Michael Nielsen, Denmark - kastanjeparken3(at)gmail.com
Secretary: Eje Gronquist, Sweden - gronquisteje(at)gmail.com
Member: Aleksandar Kirkovski, Macedonia
Member: Risto Koikkalainen, Finland - risto.koikkalainen(at)ymca.fi

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