„YMCA Europe is a working fellowship to strengthen movements where people grow in body, mind and spirit.“


In May 2009 the "Friends of YMCA Europe" campaign was launched. It was closed at our General Assembly in Tallinn in May 2015 with an excellent result of € 62.238,84 committed by 135 donors. Thank you very much to all who have contributed to enable us to work for the benefit of young people in Europe !!!

At the General Assembly in Tallinn (May 2015) the new "Friends of YMCA Europe" campaign was launched. A new campaign, with new goals and new challenges.

The GOAL of the Campaign is to raise 15.000 Euro in the first year (2015) and 10.000 Euro every consecutive year to support the WORK of YMCA Europe.

HOW to become a FRIEND?

It's easy! You donate a self-chosen amount of money through www.ymcaeurope.com.

There are two ways to donate:
A: Contribute once
B: Contribute regularly (e.g. monthly, annually). If you choose this option, please fill one of the online forms below (individual donation or group donation)

Online registration form - individual donation

Online registration form - group donation

WHY to be a Friend of YMCA Europe?

1. We focus on young people all over Europe;
2. We empower and give leadership training to young people;
3. We coordinate more than 100.000 Scouts, Ten Singers, sport people, youth and social workers in 43 countries;
4. We have made 3 huge Youth Festivals for about 20.000 young people from 57 countries around the globe, promong understanding, friendship and peace;
5. We plan the fourth pan European event in 2019, celebrang 175 years of YMCA presence in Europe... and the world.
6. We focus on important issues for youth: employments, migraon, health, integraon, creave leisure time;
7. We organize signature programmes such as "Peace Work Instute" and "Catch the Vision", oen located in place of conflict, where we promote the ecumenical vision in the YMCA. Also every year we gather our task groups offering training and networking opportunies and joint work (National General Secretaries Forum, Movement Strengthening Conference, Fundraising seminars);
8. We help YMCAs to analyze and improve their own reality through YMCA Europe´s Resource Team (YERT) and our Field and Partner groups;
9. We promote and support the parcipaon of young people in the governance of their YMCA, on local, regional, national and international level;
10. We work for development and growth of the YMCA Europe´s Programme Groups with a focus on youth.

By being a "Friend of YMCA Europe", you provide support to our mission, projects and network.

At the General Assembly in Tallinn, we already received the first € 1.600 Euro as donations for this new campaign. See the "List of donors" here.

If you also want to be part of it, please use the button or transfer your donation to our Euro bank account:

IBAN CZ84 0100 0000 1955 7969 0217


Any donation is welcomed very much. THANK YOU !