„YMCA Europe is a working fellowship to strengthen movements where people grow in body, mind and spirit.“

List of donors

Person/Organizazion in EUR
YMCA Trust Fund, England 13500
YMCA of The Netherlands 10000
Several Other Donations (not specified) 7380
YMCA of the USA Movement Strengthening Hall 7000
Dale and Pat Vonderau from USA, Tom and Doris Cusens from Malta, Ed and Annie Eggink from The Netherlands, Cornel and Karin Burgtorf from Germany 5130
Gill and Peter Posner from England, Monica and Jan Nissén from Sweden, Dölf Weder from Switzerland, Terry Ratcliffe from England, Ingunn and Johan Vilhelm Eltvik from Norway 5070
Hermann Kupsch Foundation for the "CVJM Germany Room" 5000
Reformed Church of St.Gallen 5000
Y's Men International, Denmark 4884
Carl Weinrich, Sarasota Family YMCA - 250 USD, Becket Chimney Y - 250 USD, Raina and Steve Harris - 250 USD (volunteers with Burbank Branch of Boston Y), Metro Altanta Y - 500 USD, Bill Hoosen - 125 USD (VP at Metro Atlanta), Providence Y - 250 USD, Northwest Y, NC - 250 USD, Ambler Y, PA - 200 USD, Central Atlantic Chapter - 250 USD, Frank C.Kiehne - 100 USD, Jim Sheldon - 100 USD (Interim Exec. at Ambler Y), Breeden Y, IN - 200 USD, Patty Welch - 100 USD (Volunteer at Rocky Run Y), Chattanooga Y - 250 USD, Joe and Nastia Wootten - 250 USD, Rocky Run Y - 100 USD, Andi Youndt - 200 USD (CEO Rocky Run Y), Anna Zolotova - 50 EUR (Volunteer - YMCA Ozerki, Russia), YMCA Sunrise (Moscow, Russia) - 100 USD, Eileen Stirling - 100 USD, Jimmy Gilmer - 50 USD, Benno Friedrich - 50 USD for Nicholas Goncharoff room 3068
Norges KFUK-KFUM 3000
YMCA Canada 3000
YWCA-YMCA Sweden National Council of Sports for the "KFUK-KFUMs Sweden Room" 3000
Ev. Jugendwerk in Wuerttemberg, Germany 2000
Aberdeen YMCA, Scotland 1000
YMCA Spain 1000
Adrian Moody, USA (1.000 USD) 754
UCJG-YMCA France 500
Kåre Dag Mangersnes, Norway 300
Committee for International Contacts YMCA of The Netherlands 285
Participants of TtT senimar from Russia, Moldavia, Belarus and Ukraine 201
Beate Turck, Germany 200
Irina and Mikhail Guskov Family, Russia 200
Sasha Artsiushanka, YMCA Belarus 200
Bruce Knox, USA (250 USD) 188
YMCA of Greater St. Louis International Committee (250 USD) 170
Isabel and Juan Simoes Iglesias, Spain 150
Participants of Int. Financial Seminar from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine 103
Adam Rychlik, Poland 100
Cees Bremmer, The Netherlands 100
Eva Magassy and Villo Denke, YMCA Hungary 100
Helge Ebinger, Germany 100
Jan Pate, USA 100
Merita Goeldi, Myriam Heidelberger 100
Michal Szymanczak, Poland 100
Morten Nordli, Norway 100
Sigurd Eltvik, Norway 100
Silke Leitenberger, Germany 100
U.Baumann, Germany 100
Viktor Serbulov, Ukraine 100
YMCA Essen/H.Suckau, Germany 100
YMCA Kiev, Ukraine 100
Lynda Gonzales-Chavez and Garth Heffernan 87
Jan Frode Sandvik, Norway 49
TOTAL 83819

Thank you for your support!