National General Secretaries Forum

The YMCA Europe’s National General Secretaries (NGS) Forum is a platform that brings together the national leaders of YMCA organizations across Europe. The purpose of the forum is to provide a space for national general secretaries to exchange knowledge, discuss best practices, and collaborate on strategic initiatives that will strengthen the YMCA movement in Europe.

The NGS Forum typically meets once a year, and the meetings cover a range of topics related to YMCA governance, organizational development, and program implementation. The forum also provides an opportunity for national general secretaries to build relationships and network with their peers, which can lead to increased collaboration and shared learning opportunities.

In addition to the NGS Forum, YMCA Europe offers a range of other programs and services to support its member organizations. These include training programs, conferences, and advocacy initiatives that are designed to promote the YMCA mission of empowering young people and strengthening communities across Europe.