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16th November 2012

From the 6th to the 8th of November 33 participants took part at the first National General Secretaries Forum organized by YMCA Europe in Brussels, Blegium.

NGS Forume 2012 - Group photo

Most of the participants were National Secretaries representing YMCA movements across Europe and the work developed during the Forum focused on the following objectives :

  • To create a new working platform within YMCA Europe formed by NGS´s.
  • Follow up on the implementation of YMCA Europe´s Strategic Plan 2011-16 focusing on the 3 priorities and the 3 flagship programmes defined in the Plan.
  • Discussion on specific issues that are relevant for National Movements.
  • Approach to the main European institutions based in Brussels.

The internal work done during the Forum set the bases and the agenda for the upcoming months. Collectively, the NGS´s agreed to strengthen the YMCA network in Europe, to design our future approach to the EU and to focus on concrete initiatives in the programme field.

NGS Forum 2012

The group also had meetings and informative sessions with representatives from the European Youth Forum, Europe Aid, the European Social Fund and the European Commission. A visit to the European Parliament ended with a sharing with Mrs. Corien Wortmann – Kool, Member of Parliament and Vice President of the EPP Group. This session was facilitated by Cees Bremmer, NGS of YMCA The Netherlands.

Ed Eggink, President of YMCA Europe and Selma Zadi, Executive Secretary (Movement Strengthening and Resource Mobilization) representing the World Alliance of YMCAs together with Gerard Tosserams (Change Agents Trainner), shared their inputs during the Forum. Spaces for open discussion and group work were created during the event. A draft of the Forum´s report was sent to all participants immediately after the meeting finished. NGS Forum dates for the years 2013 and 2014 were agreed.

NGS Forum 2012

NGS Forum 2012

We want to thank all the participants for their contribution and commitment. A special note of gratitude to YMCA Canada for their support and to YMCA Belgium for their warm hospitality and inspiration during the Belgium evening led by Cedric Roulent and Hugh Robert Boudin.

Thank you !

Author/Source: Juan Simoes Iglesias, YMCA Europe Secretary General

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