The YMCA Europe Nomination Committee is a vital part of our organization, responsible for managing the elections of the Executive Committee. Composed of experienced and knowledgeable volunteers from across the continent, the committee oversees the entire process of applications, review, and final recommendation before the voting process.

The Nomination Committee plays a critical role in ensuring that the Executive Committee is composed of highly qualified individuals who are committed to the mission and values of YMCA Europe. The committee’s work is thorough and transparent, and they take great care to ensure that the election process is fair and inclusive. Their dedication and commitment to YMCA Europe are essential in helping us to build a strong and effective organization capable of making a positive impact on young people across the continent.

The member of the Nomination Committee are:

Ms. Alex Taylor (England & Wales) – Acting Chairperson
Ms. Beate Turck (Germany)
Mr. Mike Will (Scotland)

Contact: info[at]

By-Law: Election procedures and Terms of Reference for membership of the Nominations Committee (consistent with Article 20 of the Constitution)