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18th July 2017

This year, YMCA & YWCA Iceland was responsible for the Nordic Camp "Feel the Nature".

"Feel the Nature"- YMCA/YWCA Nordic Camp 2017 is a project held between the 13th and 18th of July 2017 in Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland for young people from Iceland, Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

The preparation for the Nordic Camp included a training course for leaders age 20-30, called Nordic leadership training. The course was supported by the Nordbuk program and took place in two meetings in Iceland and homework between meetings. The result included leadership sessions, that will take place during the camp in supervision of each county's team, focusing on following themes:

Iceland: Environment and Justice

  • Emphasis on how environment affects our everyday life.
  • How can we work for a positive change?

Sweden: Communication, Democracy and the strategies of YMCA and YWCA

  • Action plan to encourage change
  • Communication exercises - what disturbs?

Denmark: Peace and Inclusive Christianity

  • Daily life - solving conflicts
  • Panel debates on various topics

Finland: Healthy living and Safe spaces

  • How can we be a part of creating safe spaces?
  • How can you take care of yourself as a leader?
  • Peer support

Learning about safe spaces and healthy living

During the camp, participants aged 16-17 years old, were also involved in a Leadership course assembled by young leaders (age 20-30) from all the Nordic countries.

The course consisted of five sessions where participants got the opportunity to try out their leadership skills with younger participants. Some of the themes of the course were:

  • Environment, Justice, Communication
  • Democracy, Stragegies of YMCA and YWCA, Healthy living
  • Safe spaces, Peace, Inclusive Christianity

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Author/Source: http://www.kfum.is/nordiccamp/