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28th November 2022

The Online Manual on Organic Governance is the result of a two years project "Organic Governance and Quality Development".

Organic Governance and Quality Development project is supported by Erasmus +, Key Action 2 programme. The project consortium includes: YMCA in Czech Republic, YMCA Europe, YMCA Scotland, YMCA Slovakia.

The partners have collected and discussed best practices on various aspects of governance:

  • structures and functions of governing bodies
  • internal policies
  • youth empowerment
  • impact and health assessment templates
  • succession planning and
  • intergenerational approach.

We invite you to build your own Journey within this Organic Governance Manual! Follow the links, and they will lead you to articles, documents, educational elements, evaluation templates, etc.

The Content of the Manual

  • Introduction
  • Organic Governance Survey results
  • Good Governance
  • Impact and Strategic Planning
  • Quality Standards and Evaluation Templates
  • Examples of Internal Policies
  • Empowerment and Participation
  • Movement Strengthening Tools
  • Conclusions

The Project Team highlights that this Manual would not happen without commitment of a big number of people and organisations. We would like to Thank Everyone involved!

Special Gratitude goes to:

  • Organic Governance Group of YMCA Europe
  • Movement Strengthening Committee of YMCA Europe and its Chair Paul Smillie
  • Executive Committee of YMCA Europe
  • All YMCAs provided their best practices
  • All Authors of the articles
  • Erasmus + National Agency in Slovakia
  • YMCA Europe Staff Team and Olga Lukina as a compiler
  • Communications Team of YMCA Europe
  • Designers

The Inspiration of the Manual:

Good Governance is Like:

  • Stones - hard and firm for a good basement
  • Air - transparent and unconditional
  • Water - creates paths for a good flow
  • A fruit tree - first needs efforts and patience to bring rich harvest
  • Fire - not always predictable and easy manageable
  • Soil - rich and fertile to let plants grow
  • Love - requires mutual agreement and respect
  • Music - has a structure and rules to create beauty and harmony
  • Wind - lets a ship go


Author/Source: Olga Lukina, YMCA Europe Executive Secretary for Strategy and Movement Strengthening

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