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23rd November 2020

Thank you Mike Will, Stepan Cerny, Beate Turck, Diana Zarembiene, Marta Huretska, Edgar Mifsud, Anita Beguelin, Pascal Rothensal and Sven Larsen!  

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One of the successes of our November 20th General Assembly was the smooth transition between executive committees.

Once again this process kept good governance standards and guaranteed the involvement of our member movements. During the General Assembly messages of gratitude were expressed to Mike Will for his fruitful years as President, highlighting the achievements in the past period together with the rest of the Executive, Secretariat and Staff Team.

Also each member of the Committee received words of appreciation and a symbolic present for their commitment and work at YMCA over the past years. We want to especially highlight the work of Stepan Cerny and Beate Turck for serving in our board for more than 12 years, contributing from different roles and responsibilities.

We know that it was not always easy and we had to overcome challenges, taking difficult decisions sometimes and bringing in extra energy. But when we look back, the list of achievements is long and fruitful!

The 2016-2020 Strategy was successfully implemented, a new Movement Strengthening approach and structure was put on place with good outcomes, the move to Brussels, the Constitutional changes as part of the Organizational Review process in our governance body, a new dimension and impact of our Communications initiatives, the higher relevance of our Advocacy work, the increase of our Peace & justice work and above all : keeping unity within the European diverse movement….

And in addition to all that, we organized an event for the global movement last year celebrating our 175th anniversary and opening a new scenario for youth focused initiatives at the European and global movement.

With the work, ideas and support of this Executive Committee, we can say that YMCA Europe is now more relevant and prepared to face the future. A big thank you to each of you!! YMCA Europe will always be your home!

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