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26th April 2017

19-24 April 2017, the second session of the Training the Trainers for the Eastern Platform took place.

It is a big surprise to discover today that YMCA Europe started "Training the Trainers" and "Training the Program Developers" as a signature program for leaders development 25 years ago. Unbelievable, but true!

"It is a big privilege to continue this initiative!", - says Tina Larionova, a graduator of the Training the Trainers 2001-2002. Tina is the President of YMCA Russia now and a trainer at a current course of TtT 2016-2017, organized by World YMCA for YMCA Europe "Eastern Platform" countries. The training includes participants from YMCAs Belarus, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine and Belarusian diaspora in Switzerland.

19-24 April 2017 the second session of the Training the Trainers took place, including such themes as leadership, setting personal goals, logic of constructing a training, methods of education, management and fundraising. The participants will elaborate their own educational events and run them as homework. They will present the results of this practice at the third session in October 2017.
The event has shown that there is a cohort of young motivated leaders, who are full of enthusiasm to create new leaders, to change life around them. We are happy that we can provide new knowledge to them and develop some skills so they can be even more efficient in what they do.

Michal Szymanczak, Senior Executive Secretary of World YMCA, asked the participants during his speech at the training: "Have you ever thought that your work in YMCA is art? Is it deep and strong enough to change the world around you?" We believe that the training helped the participants to make themselves and their work much more powerful!

Author/Source: Olga Lukina

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