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24th March 2022

Republic of Moldova is one of the most affected countries by the war in Ukraine by hosting a big number of refugees.


At the moment, there are around 380,000 Ukrainians that choose Moldova as their firs country to go.  After 10 days of the conflict started, about 160,000 people were refugees in Moldova.

"It was a big challenge for our society, for our government and also for our organization. Since 25 February, our volunteers was involved to help the refugees at the borders Palanca and Tudora, which is most popular for the refugees from Odesa, Nikolaev and Herson." said Dumitru Roibu, YMCA Moldova President


All this period we saw people coming to Moldova by cars or by walking, with children’s and old people, without money or food and without any vision of what will they do further.

"This is a new experience for us and our organization as we did not expected previously to work with refugees as Moldova was not an "attractive" destination for refugees from other regions of the world. We adapted actively to the new realities and we mobilized all our financial, personal and operational capacities to respond to this big challenge" said Dumitru.

After 20 days of the conflict, Moldova has a plus of 5% of population and it is hard to do effectively, on time and well organized activites and actions but the Government, local authorities and the NGOs are doing their best.


What YMCA Moldova is doing for refugees?

  • Free transportation to Chisinau or Border with Romania with our cars for more than 60 people (inclusive from YMCA Ukraine).
  • Free accommodation at YMCA Youth Centre in Trebujeni (More than 50 people until today).
  • Free accommodation in the houses of our volunteers and board members (30 people until today) .
  • Meal for free for those who arrive at the border and those who are accommodated (Food distributed  together with other local NGO’s for more than 1000 people) .
  • Free fuel for refugees who are going to other European country(14 cars full).
  • Packs with necessary items like water, igienical, food, towels, pampers, etc. (for 1,500 people).
  • Logistical and informational support (more than 300 people helped to find transportation, accommodation, support to buy plane tickets, exchange money, etc.).

In the end of the February, thanks to intervention of YMCA Europe, YMCA Moldova got a grant of 5,000 EURO through the project Relief Assistance for Ukrainian Refugees on the Border. It helped the YMCA here to reinforce and to achieve better results in working with the refugees.

Dumitru said that "it’s a great chance for our YMCA to grow our capacities as organization and as voluntary work for refugees during this difficult and unexpected times. It is very important to stay united and to work hardly for our common peacefully future. YMCA Moldova stand for peace and work for peace."


Durring this period, YMCA Moldova get in strong contacts with state institutions and NGO’s that work with refugees from Ukraine and had systemized its activity by knowing the time of departure and places of the buses that help refugees to arrive in Romania from the Moldavian border.


Also, they have set the databes with contacts of refugee’s centers and now it`s much easier and faster to accommodate refugees in need of accommodation.

We stand with our brave young people at YMCA Moldova acknowledging them. Remember that our vision will be echoed in our acts, and our acts will bring about change. Please help by making a donation. Every amount is welcome.


1,384,671 €

Funds received up to October 31th in response to the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. Check here the YMCA response and projects across Europe.

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