Ukraine Response


When the war in Ukraine broke out in February 2022, the YMCA called for unity and solidarity within our movement. Lives have been lost, families were displaced and separated and once again uncertain times were reality in the heart of Europe. 

It was an urgent call for immediate intervention and quick response. Our movement prepared to raise funds for the first line of support – helping out children, young people and their families by providing safety and relief.

Through our collective fundraising campaign, the YMCA at all levels answered a desperate need for support. With the help of our donors, we raised over 1.79 million euros for humanitarian aid for the general population and for the integration of Ukrainian refugees throughout Europe. 

Over 360,000 people benefitted from the YMCA and its partners assistance with 21 local YMCA’s in Ukraine and 18 countries across Europe through their national YMCAs. The total amount of grants is almost 1,484,000 euros until now. 

Furthermore, through the generous support of external partners, we have been able to secure funding for projects totaling more than 1.1 million euros in cash, in addition to donations in kind worth approximately 8 million euros. 

Our strategy consisted of medium to long-term assistance in collaboration with internal and external partners to facilitate access to social integration services, language, legal, and skilling support for a smooth transition for Ukrainian displaced persons in the country and beyond.


YMCA Europe’s rich experience in peace-building and movement strengthening strategies and actions, enabled the organisation to respond in a quick and effective way, being ready to serve the needs of young people and their communities. See the infographics here and the video gallery here.