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Y Fest, 4th Edition – Baia Mare, Romania, 10-11th of September 2011.

16th September 2011

The 4th edition was organized by YMCA Baia Mare but it was a lot of support from the YMCA Romania Federation. Although the budget was a small one, they have managed to do all that they have planned.


During the first day, all the outdoor events were organized in the central park: bikes , skateboard, street ball, face painting, juggling, workshops for kids, graffiti. The activites went alsdo during the second day and in the end it was organized a big concert with 4 bands made of YMCA members, Ultimu Nivel and Lude Krawe from Serbia.

All in all, the event was a success and from my side, the most important aspect is related with the fact that the new young staff of the YMCA was dealing with such a big event. Of course Dan Carpov and Alina Pop were playing an important role but not as important like in the previous events. That shows the continuity and involvement, the importance of a permanent and motivated staff.

Participants: about 300-350 in the outdoor events, 500 during the concerts

Budget: about 3.000 eur

Sponsors: Local County, YMCA Romania, YMCA Baia Mare

Author/Source: Marius Pop (YMCA Europe Balkan`s Programme Manager)