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15th March 2022

Thanks to the local and national YMCAs in the Czech Republic for their support and effort!

YMCAs in Ukraine and within the surrounding countries including Moldova, Romania, Hungary, the Chech Republic, Slovakia, Poland are urgently upscaling operations to support people fleeing the violence.

YMCA’s priority is addressing the humanitarian needs of all people affected by the conflict, in the communities our YMCAs in Ukraine serve and outside Ukraine. Urgent needs include shelter, relief items such as blankets, and specialist protection – all rely on voluntary donations. 

We are impressed by the efforts of the YMCA Czech Republic, its staff and volunteers at national and local level to support those in need. Many thanks and blessings!


• YMCA Husinec collected and imported to the border two vans of material, which were taken over by volunteers from the Ukrainian Baptist Church to distribute in the Transcarpathian region.

• YMCA Plzen (Pilsen) accommodated 4 families - and immediately involved them in the program, new residents participated in the English class for mothers and children and a masquerade ball.


• YMCA Jindrichuv Hradec selected 4,610 kg of food and a drugstore in a two-day collection! See pictures

• The club Ymkárium (YMCA Prague) opens its gates to Ukrainian children as well – the UA-CZE interpreter available for the first contact. It also offers support from club staff and social counseling.

• YMCA Pelhrimov selects medical supplies for a hospital in Sambor, Ukraine.

• YMCA Plzez is still arranging accommodation and is looking for other willing hosts in the Plzez region.

• The YMCA Palace in Prague organized a collection of medical supplies.


• The YMCA DAP established a collection point in town Melníku.

• The YMCA Prague family center invites Ukrainian families with children to an open playroom. Admission is free.

• YMCA Ústí nad Labem organized a collection of kitchen equipment for refugee families. Their volunteers also come to the Regional Center to care for children.

• YMCA Jindrichuv Hradec invites to its programs - Ukrainian children can join the dance group, adults can walk around the city, the whole family can go on a joint trip by train. YMCA volunteers join the work at the university community center.

• YMCA Trebechovice donates for humanitarian aid. It will support specific beneficiaries who provide accommodation for the needy in the Czech Republic.

• The YMCA Central Committee in the Czech Republic unanimously approved a contribution of $ 2,500 to the YMCA Europe assistance account.


1,384,671 €

Funds received up to October 31th in response to the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. Check here the YMCA response and projects across Europe.

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