„YMCA Europe is a working fellowship to strengthen movements where people grow in body, mind and spirit.“

YMCA Finland

Suomen NMKY

Member movement since 1974

PL 337
SF-00171 Helsinki, Finland

Phone: +358-40-507 67 97
Fax: +358-9-135 27 56
E-mail: juha.virtanen@ymca.fi
URL: www.ymca.fi

National General Secretary: Juha Virtanen

Main Types of Programmes: Christian youth work, Bible study groups, Local events with local congregations, Confirmation schools and education, "Spiritual events for special groups" (for instance for sportsmen), Spiritual musical events


Clubs, scouting, camping and other outdoor activities, Physical education and sports in many forms, International youth exchanges and study trips, Hobbies and activities for children and young adults

Physical education and sports:

Training possibilities under the title "Sport for all people", In national club competition, top in basketball, volleyball,
boxing and orientating, Training and voluntary leaders education, Main emphasis on juniorwork, International activities and social work trough sport, Special national alliance is high ranked in national level


Two big music institutions (Helsinki and Tampere) with 2,000 pupils, 12 choirs, several small groups and a variety of different orchestras ranging from a symphony orchestra to young boys' orchestras. Music groups are an essential part of Christian work
Big events and international exchange


Training at all levels and fields of activities, Main emphasis in the training of voluntary leaders, National and local seminars and courses, Active participation in European training made by YMCA Europe, Own training institute in Järvelä with good sporting facilities


Training for unemployed young people, Local community activities, Houses for children and young adults, who have problems or cannot affort flats from normal markets, Work with handicapped children, Clubs for CP-children, Leisure time activity houses for Finnish soldiers, "Social minded education"

International activities:

Membership responsibilities in World Alliance of YMCAs and YMCA Europe, Work to aid development co-operation activities
Participation in seminars, courses and international youth exchange, Training groups in national and local level to internationalize the Finnish YMCA (Finn-YMCA-International training), Participation in interpoint-programme (EAY)
International aspects are an essential part of all other activities, Close co-operation with Estonian YMCA and the Gambian YMCA


In Helsinki (local YMCA) a big hotel and conference center, 20 Y's Men's Clubs supporting local YMCAs, Travel and camping services in many associations, Support from state (10% of all national income), communities (to local associations; varies from 0% to 25%) and the Lutheran Church of Finland (2% of national income), Most money (80%) raised from our own activities; membership fees are low to enable all participation, Co-operation with the Gambian YMCA and Estonian YMCA