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30th July 2015

We are happy to announce that YMCA Russia has opened its Center and invites friends from YMCAs all over the world to visit it!

You can run meetings and seminars there, come for cultural visits and investigate rich Russian heritage or have a rest and enjoy beautiful nature at the Volga river. Wonderful city of Yaroslavl with numerous churches, museum of salt, listening to old Russian romances alive, boat trip on Volga and other non-comparable pleasures can become a part of your program there.

The design of the Center is devoted to the traditional "Dacha" of a Russian family at the end of the XIX-th century. When you are there, sitting under a green abat-jour, having tea and listening to the romances by Maria Puare and Fedor Shaliapin on an original gramophone, you are as if taking a time-machine and appear at home of a hospitable Russian family a century ago.

11-16 July the top leaders of YMCA visited the opening of the "Dacha". YMCA Europe Secretary General Juan Simoes Iglesias, the President of World YMCA Peter Posner and the Secretary General of World YMCA Johan Vilhelm Eltvik together with the leaders of YMCA Russia discussed the possibilities of development of the Center. So, now YMCA has got one more cozy and unique place to organize its events!

If you are interested in running your events there or having a holiday enjoying rich culture of Russia, please don't hesitate to contact the Secretary General Alexey Kostyakov alexei@ymca.ru and the "Dacha" Center coordinator Nikolay Kurochkin nikolay-kurochkin@mail.ru and ask for further information!

Author/Source: Olga Lukina (YMCA Europe Regional Assistant for Movement Strengthening and Project Management)

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