YMCA-YWCA Staff Conference

The YMCA Europe’s YMCA-YWCA Staff Conferences are events that bring together YMCA and YWCA staff members from across Europe. The purpose of these conferences is to provide a space for staff members to exchange ideas, share experiences, and develop skills and knowledge related to their work within the YMCA-YWCA movement.

The conferences typically include a mix of workshops, keynote speakers, and networking opportunities. Topics covered may include leadership development, program implementation, fundraising, and advocacy. The conferences also provide an opportunity for staff members to build relationships with their peers from other YMCA and YWCA organizations, which can lead to increased collaboration and shared learning opportunities.

The YMCA Europe organizes several other conferences and events throughout the year, which are designed to support the work of its member organizations and promote the YMCA-YWCA mission of empowering young people and strengthening communities. These include training programs, advocacy initiatives, and other events that are open to staff members, volunteers, and other stakeholders within the YMCA-YWCA movement.

European YMCA/YWCA Staff Conferences

26.4.-3.5.1975 Germany, Bonn
“The YMCA in the tides of time” (Der CVJM in den Strömungen unserer Zeit)

07-14.09.1978 Canterbury, UK
“YMCA – Pacemaker of Change in changing times” (Der CVJM ein Schrittmacher des Wandels im Umbruch der Zeiten)

18-24.05.1981 Stavanger, Norway.
“The role of the YMCA secretary” (Die Rolle des CVJM-Sekretärs)

1984 La Grande Motte, France.
“Where do you say I am?” (Was sagst Du wer ich bin?)

13-19.09.1987 Gwatt, Switzerland.
“Our Call: Stepping forward” (Unsere Berufung: Schritte wagen…)

5-15.09.1990 Nässjö/Sweden.
“More Space… – for God, for young people, for us” (Mehr Raum…für Gott, für junge Leute, für uns)

12-18.09.1993 Dassel, Germany.
“Crossing boundaries – breaking barriers” (Grenzen überschreiten – Barrieren überwinden)

28.09.-04.10.1996 Haslev, Denmark.
“Play the triangle”

1999 Dublin, Irland.
“Positive Impact!”

14-19.09.2004 Litomysl, Czech Republic.
“The unexpected”

26.09. – 01.10.2006 Hoddesdon, England.
“Right here. Right now”

 21-26.09.2009 Tirgu Mures, Romania
“How to make a difference?”

1-5.10.2012 Bernhäuser Forst, Stuttgart, Germany
“Share Your Story, Shape Our YMCA”

23-27.09.2015 Sofia Centre, Helsinki, Finland
Come and “Sea”

19-23.09.2018, YMCA Europe Training Centre, Litomysl, Czech Republic

27.4.-01.05.2022, Sweden, Stockholm
“ImpAct: I ACT”