Youth Policy Group

What is the Mission of the Youth Policy Group?

The Youth Policy Group (YPG) focuses on building and promoting the policy and advocacy work of the YMCA at the European level, being active and present in various formal and informal settings.

The group’s main task is to form and present positions on behalf of YMCA as well as to write papers on policies and topics. 

To do so, the members consult and connect with the Executive Committee, programme groups and representatives within the Movement on the national and international level, as well as with other Youth Organizations, the European Youth Forum, and the European Institutions.

The group aligns with the YMCA Europe Strategy and puts into practice especially the pillars of Representation and Relationship:

  • Representation: “YMCA Europe is recognised as a Youth focused Organization that represents the voice of young people across Europe and its mission empowers young people”
  • Relationship: “YMCA Europe unifies the YMCA movement across Europe, maintaining open and transparent communication and promoting a spirit of collaboration and joint working.”

The YPG organizes itself through Working Groups that specialize in different topics linked to the four pillars of the Vision 2030:

  • Community Wellbeing
  • Meaningful Work
  • Sustainable Planet
  • Just World

The working groups can consult in the drafting of a policy document together with other institutions, write a policy paper on their own or represent YMCA in conferences linked to the topic.

How can you become active in the YPG?

  • Active Participant: You can join the regular group meetings of the YPG and share your opinion on general matters
  • Specialist: You choose to join a working group for a specific topic based on your interests and the current involvements of the working groups. Look out for calls in the official YMCA Europe channels!
  • Delegate: As a participant, you can also represent YMCA as a delegate for specific events or conferences. Being a delegate involves travel abroad and gives you the chance to meet and connect to other young delegates in person. Prior to the conference you prepare the positions together with the YPG.
  • Leadership: You are an active participant of the YPG that also organizes meetings, keeps in contact with the Executive Committee, or is responsible for other internal processes of the group

How can you join?

To become a participant or to learn about which activities you could become involved in at the moment please contact our Youth, Advocacy and Project Assistant Hannah via hannah[at] or look out for upcoming calls through the official YMCA Europe Channels.

The Youth Policy Group actively invites young people from different backgrounds and countries to represent and give a voice to all Youth in the movement.