„YMCA Europe is a working fellowship to strengthen movements where people grow in body, mind and spirit.“


20th June 2018

STATEMENT: YMCA Europe, together with other YMCA Movements continue following with deep concern the developments regarding the situation of migrants, refugees, asylum seekers and internally displaced persons across Europe and the world.

Many of our movements across Europe are helping refugees and migrants to reach a better life in the countries of arrival. We are deeply committed to the defense of Human Rights and overall human dignity and we think that leaving these newcomers in distress and in need (especially those more vulnerable like children and young people) goes against those values, as stated in our Policy Paper on Migration.  

We also call for the European Union and national governments to never use the plights of these people trying to get to a better life as a tool for political conflict. This recommendation is also addressed to political leaders or other public opinion makers across the world. We think that the issue of migration should be better settled at a European and global level, and we would like to invite all actors involved to build consensus and act in solidarity, as well as humanity.

Finally, as a Civil Society Organization, we are deeply concerned by the negative portrayal by media or political actors of the work of other Civil Society Organizations helping migrants whose lives are in danger as they seek a better and safe life.