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28th September 2020

The month of September marked the restart of many activities in Brussels, and it was a very intense month for the Brussels office, especially for advocacy.

We are in the middle of historic times, and the European Union is still negotiating to approve its budget for the next 7 years. This means that all resources available to young people coming from the EU, all laws that will be possible to protect their rights, all depend on this agreement that is being negotiated right now.

Thus we have been working hard to try and influence this process, and to fight for youth, together with all youth NGOs in Europe.

You can see some our activities here below.

Training the new YPG

The month of September was full of activities for the Youth Policy Group of YMCA Europe, and a very important one was the training of the new members regarding the functioning of the EU, the basics of youth policy making and the fundamentals of youth organisations advocacy on EU youth policy processes.

The Brussels office successfully ran the training at the start of September. Training on EU policy matters become even more important after YMCA Europe’s campaign on EU funding for youth, the Youth Matters campaign implemented in May, directed at European institutions.  

If you want to know more about YMCA Europe advocacy on EU youth policy processes, follow us on our social media.

The long road to a new Advocacy Strategy

The Youth Policy Group of YMCA Europe has started a series of meetings to develop the new advocacy strategy of YMCA Europe, guided by the Brussels Office.

The members of the YPG will run focus groups in their YMCAs to investigate into the most important issues for youth, both from the perspectives of young people and their organisations’.

The new Executive Committee and the new Strategy of YMCA Europe will also be defining actors and guiding documents of this process, and the YPG is happily putting all the background work to have a meaningful advocacy strategy for the next years.

If you would like to participate in this process, please contact the Brussels office at ilenia[at]ymcaeurope.com 

Erasmus Coalition Meeting: last chance to act for youth

The Erasmus Coalition is a transversal alliance of the Youth Sector organisations, the Formal Education organisations and the Volunteering sector to advocate for a better Erasmus+ Programme.

The Coalition met in September to assess a very important moment we are passing through: the approval of the next 7 years MultiAnnual Financial Framework of the EU, which will determine the next 7 budgets for youth funding.

The Coalition took stock of the latest developments due to the response to the Coronavirus crisis, and the European Youth Forum launched the ACTNOW campaign, that we have also sent to YMCAs across the EU. If you want to know more and participate in our advocacy for funding, please contact us.

EYF Info Day: flexibility in times of Coronavirus

On September 4th, the Brussels Office represented YMCA Europe in the meeting with the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe dedicated to youth funding partnerships in times of Coronavirus.

YMCA Europe Brussels office led an advocacy action involving several youth organisations, which led to a dialogue resulting in more flexibility afforded to youth organisations managing EYF grants.

The Youth Led Solutions Summit: our time to act on Climate

The Brussels Office during the months of August and September has been the area lead for the amazing opportunity created by the World Alliance of YMCA, along with the Y of the USA: the Youth Led Solutions Summit.

This will lead to an event in October 2020 during the YLSS prep week, involving the European Solutions team and European youth organizations working on climate. Stay tuned to know more!

European youth governance at the times of Coronavirus

September bring a new chapter in these very complicated times, and many platforms in Brussels are dealing with the many issues brought by the need of social distancing. In this perspective, the European Youth Forum will lead its General Assembly and Board Elections online, and the many aspects of the GA will happen throughout the months of October and November.

The Brussels Office is leading YMC Europe’s youth representatives participation in these complicated times, and during the month of September participated to two main YFJ meetings to follow the development of this important governance meeting.

Conference role of youth future of Europe

The Brussels Office of YMCA Europe was involved on the 11th of September in a very important conference organised by the European Committee of the Regions, held within the German Presidency of the EU.

The online meeting gathered Members of the European Parliament, of the European Commission, the Council and the Committee of the Regions, along with several representatives from youth organizations across Europe.

We were able there to bring our perspectives on the role of youth in the future of Europe, and to dialogue with decision makers.

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