„YMCA Europe is a working fellowship to strengthen movements where people grow in body, mind and spirit.“


18th November 2021

YMCA Europe held its online Extraordinary General Assembly on November 12th with over 60 delegates from 28 countries.


Presenting the 2022 budget and operational plan were the two main reasons for this additional governance meeting although the agenda also included updates about the implementation of our newly adopted Strategy, the election of one more member of the Nominations Committee and the invitations for the 2022 and 2023 general assemblies in Denmark and Germany.

The meeting started with an inspiring devotion based on the Week of Prayer’s theme “Beaty from Brokenness” led by Diana Zarembiene and Silvia Lazaridis both members of YMCA Europe’s Executive Committee and Christian Orientation Group.

In her message to the delegates, our President Emma Osmundsen mentioned some of the social, environmental and economic challenges affecting Europe over the past six months and their impact in our countries and young people.

Emma highlighted the developments within the implementation of YMCA Europe’s Strategy since last May under our four strategic objectives: Relevance, Representation, Relationship and Resilience, encouraging all national YMCAs to contribute to our annual plan and spread our impact among the local associations.


Carlos Sanvee, Secretary General of World YMCA joined the General Assembly once more as a guest and spoke about the alignment of YMCA Europe with the global movement and the joint work developed over the past months in shaping Vision 2030 with a focus on the new strategic direction for World YMCA.

Carlos joined the meeting from Glasgow, Scotland where the YMCA as head of the YMCA delegation to the COP26 Climate Summit and Kerry Reilly, Secretary General of YMCA Scotland introduced the trailer of the YMCA film specially produced for COP26. Kerry invited all delegates to join the presentation of the film taking place immediately after the General Assembly.


Juan Simoes Iglesias, Secretary General introduced the 2022 Operational Plan emphasizing the main goals for the Staff Team in the development of the Strategy in the upcoming months. The executive staff represented by Olga Lukina, Marius Pop, Vardan Hambardzumyan and Martina Hudcovska explained the different aspects of the 2022 plan under each of the strategic objectives.

Silvia Lazaridis as Treasurer presented the proposal for the 2022 annual budget, explaining also the 2021 report after the 3rd quarter of the year. The budget proposal was unanimously approved. The delegates representing the full member movements also approved the candidacy of Volha Krus from YMCA Belarus as new member of the Nominations Committee.


The last part of the Extraordinary General Assembly focused on the invitations for the 2022 General Assembly taking place on July 1st and 2nd in Aarhus, Denmark just before the starting of the World Council.

The invitation was formulated by Adam Mikkelsen from the Danish movement. Hansjörk Kopp, Secretary General of YMCA Germany extended the formal invitation for the 2023 General Assembly together with YMCA Europe’s 50th anniversary event taking place in Berlin on June 28th-July 2nd that year.

The meeting finished with closing remarks and an expression of gratitude  to all participants by President Emma Osmundsen. Szilard Tussay from IKE-YMCA in Transylvania, Romania closed the meeting with a reflection and a prayer.

Thank you to all our Member and Cooperating Member YMCAs, partners and guests for your continuous support and commitment towards the work of YMCA Europe’s Executive Committee and Staff Team!

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