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16th October 2019

From 11th until 13th October the YMCA Europe Field Group Belarus met in the YMCA house in Volozhin, Belarus. Participants from six countries took part in the meeting.

We welcomed Robert Feith, National General Secretary of YMCA of the Netherlands, that is a new member of the Field Group. Consequently, a partnership agreement between YMCA Belarus and YMCA The Netherlands was signed.

Amongst other topics the following main points have been discussed during the meeting:

  • the extraordinary conditions for the YMCA work in Belarus
  • current activities and programmes of YMCA Belarus
  • international partnerships, networking and co-operation including both umbrella organisations YMCA Europe and World YMCA
  • YMCA Youth Centre Ponyemontsy

The Field Group visited the centre after the official meeting ended and they were impressed by the progress of the reconstruction work. In the current year a number of camps have been organised here. It is developing more and more to become an important place for the whole YMCA movement in Belarus. A lot of renovation has still to be done and additional resources are needed.

Author/Source: Martin Weder, Field Group Leader