„YMCA Europe is a working fellowship to strengthen movements where people grow in body, mind and spirit.“


3rd July 2018

KFUM Central (YWCA-YMCA Central Stockholm) is investing for the youth of the future.

In 1978 KFUM Central opened Kom Hotel – now we open one more hotel to secure the organisations proceeds in the future. The new Hotel will be open to guests in spring 2020. Today, KFUM Central signed a lease with property owner Fabage, to rent Hagahuset in Solna, Stockholm. The Hotel will be a four star hotell with about 180 rooms, a restaurant, workspace and long stay apartments.

KFUM Central is a volunteer organization based in the central of Stockholm. The approximately 3000 members are involved in activities such as sports, music and camps. We are now engaging in more youth- and integration projects and is therefor also increasing the commersial side of the organization.

We want to give youth the best possible conditions to develop. Right now we are working together with the City of Stockholm to build a sports- and culture centre in Hagastaden. A meeting place for youth and a well needed addition of gymnasiums in Stockholm. This investment in a new hotel allows us to feel more secure in the long term financing of that project, says Bengt Arwén, chairman of KFUM Central.

Hagahuset is situated at the gates of Hagaparken, Råsundavägen 1. It was build in the mid 50´s and has a very typical caracter of that time. The property owner will now rebuild the house from offices to a hotel. The new hotel is expected to open in the spring of 2020. The intention is for the hotel to join Best Western. The close proximity to the intensely expanding areas around Solna station and Hagastaden is a very attractive place for establishing a hotel. This is a fantastic opportunity for us to expand our hotel business to secure future income to the YMCA, says Hanrik Feldhusen, chairman Kom Hotel.

In Hagahuset there are unique opportunities to create an attractive concept and we are very happy to see a non profit organization as KFUM Central and their Kom Hotel as the developer of this gem, says Klaus Hansen Vikström, Vice president and head of business development at Fabege.

For more information: Corinna Björk, kommunikationsansvarig KFUM Central & Kom Hotel, 0702-851892, corinna[at]komhotel.se

YWCA-YMCA Central is a non-profit organization with 3000 members of all ages. The tringle symbolizes Body, Mind and Spirit and KFUM Central is a part of the world wide organizations YWCA and YMCA. They started in 1884 and their activities today include for example basketball, gymnastics, music and camps.