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16th August 2019

YMCA Europe is looking for an expert Designer for the Roots Peace Work Institute Guidebook: fluent English is a key requirement. Knowledge of and experience with YMCA activities, especially those dealing with conflict transformation work is an advantage.

Main tasks:

The expert shall design the (pre-press) layout of the Peace work Institute Guidebook (the Guidebook), including:

  • Front and back covers of the Guidebook: suggest a minimum of three versions/design solutions in different print formats;
  • Design the 'visual identity' of the Guidebook, including overall looks of its pages (headers, footers, etc.) providing a background to the text and graphic contents (photos, tables, drawings, charts, matrices, etc). The designer will provide a minimum of three different suggestions;
  • Upon agreement regarding the front and back covers and the 'visual identity' solution, the Designer will visually organize the text and graphics contents in a clear, logical and easy-to-read and follow layout based on the Guidebook contents provided by the authors;
  • Edit photos to insert into the Guidebook text (photos will be provided by Roots staff);
  • Re-draw and visually adapt all tables, drawings, charts, matrices, etc. to match them to the overall 'visual identity' of the Guidebook. This implies that non-textual contents in the text must look as if designed and drawn by a single author. However, care must be taken that the textual contents of the tables, drawings, charts, matrices, etc. remain unchanged;
  • Send the pre-final version of the Guidebook for feedback and approval to the authors and the Roots Project Coordinator;
  • Correct the final version(s) according to their feedback(s);
  • Prepare the approved final pre-press version of the Guidebook in appropriate electronic formats and submit it to the Roots Project Coordinator.

One month will be allocated for completion of the task, with approximately 120 – 150 pages to be edited.

Please send your interest letters (including CV) to YMCA Europe Executive Secretary Vardan Hambardzumyan at vardan[at]ymcaeurope.com.

This call is open till September 15, 2019.