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15th December 2017

YMCA Europe is quite concerned about the complex situation arising at the Council of Europe these last few days.

In the words of the European Youth Forum "With the decision of the Russian Federation to suspend the payment of its contribution to the Council of Europe until the restoration of the voting rights of the Russian delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) and by the announcement of the Turkish authorities to discontinue Turkey's status as a major budgetary contributor, the Council of Europe if facing an unprecedented budget crisis. With an overall budget of approximately 450 million euros, the Council of Europe might see its budget reduced up to 15% in the future if the situation is not restored."

The Council of Europe is a long time and trusted partner of YMCA Europe, and through its European Youth Foundation it has funded many of its activities, among which some sessions of the Roots for Reconciliation, and the whole Leadership Academy.

The Council of Europe is a fundamental actor standing for human rights in Europe, and a great supporter of non formal education and youth activities. We share all its values and we cherish all our work with them, starting with the work of our representatives in their Advisory Council on Youth, to all the international activities they have supported with us.

We call on our members to share on all their media (websites, social media, etc), their concern on this issue.

Please share the picture attached or a message saying that:

We call for European leaders to put in place all diplomatic measures to solve the difficult situation the Council of Europe is currently facing".

Learn more at http://www.youthforum.org/publication/statement-of-the-european-youth-forum-on-the-difficult-budgetary-situation-of-the-council-of-europe/ "