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22nd September 2020

We are pleased to invite YMCA Staff to the European Staff Conference! It will take place in Stockholm, Sweden, 27 April - 1st of May 2022.

Keep being relevant, healthy, committed!

The key focus of the Conference is Sustainable Impact with subtopics of Relevance, Health and Commitment. We believe that the YMCA has great potential to create a big impact and to be resilient and sustainable in the process. We believe that Relevant services for people, a Healthy approach towards organisational and personal development, a Committed attitude to our values and the work we do - can become moving engines for many YMCAs and people serving there.

We understand that COVID-19 has influenced the environment of the whole sector, the work of your organisations and the job descriptions of your staff greatly. We will examine the mentioned key themes through a prism of the ‘new normal’ and will share the best practice and new approaches as much as possible.

The European Staff Conference invites all YMCA staff members. We are building a programme so Chief Executives, Programme Leaders, Managers and staff from all departments can benefit from education, motivation and networking. The programme will incorporate interactive workshops and seminars, plenary sessions, interest groups along with  religious and recreational time.

The conference will highlight the importance of sustainability and resilience on both organisational and personal levels.

What does it mean to be Relevant, Healthy and Committed? 
We are going to think about it together through the following potential topics:

Being Relevant: being relevant and impactful in the ‘new normal’, on-line instruments and platforms, new ‘know-how’ which was acquired during the pandemic, lessons learned during the crisis, new reality for young people,  identifying target groups, needs assessment, impact assessment, strategic planning, new technologies in youth work, simple games to play with kids, etc. 

Being Healthy: organisational resilience in the ‘new normal’, new type of leadership and leaders, influence of the pandemic on mental health, governance, succession planning, finances and funding, time-management, preventing burning out, mental health aspects, climate change, zero waste, etc.

Being Committed: being committed VS being flexible and relevant, history of YMCA, values in the changing world, Christianity in our activities, motivation, etc. 


  • 27 April – day of arrival, dinner, evening programme
  • 28-30 April – programme
  • 1 May – breakfast, departure


The conference will take place in Kärsögården near Stockholm: http://karsogarden.se/


Option A. The participation fee is 4800 SEK (1 euro = 10,4 swedish krona) per person and includes:

  • accommodation in rooms for 3 people in beautiful Kärsögården, http://karsogarden.se
  • meal (from dinner 27 April till breakfast 1st of May);
  • programme and excursion.

Option B. The participation fee of 3300 SEK (swedish krona) per person includes:

  • meal (from dinner 27 April till breakfast 1st of May);
  • programme and excursion.

With this option we can help you to arrange accommodation in the hotels nearby: (this required separate payment by the participant)



We will help with transportation to and from hotels to the venue if needed.


You can already register here. Now we collect the registration data, accommodation requirements and participants' interest to contribute to the programme, etc.

As we are monitoring the pandemic situation no payment will be required until  when we will take the final decision about the format of the event. 

Those who have registered will then be invited to pay.  Thank you for understanding!


We will outline the cancellation policy with clear deadlines when we announce the payment process. But it will be close to the following usual terms:

  • 10 weeks prior to cancellation 50% of the full price;
  • 4 weeks prior to cancellation 80% of the full price;
  • After 1 SApril 2022 cancellation or no show 100% of the full price.
  • Plus 20 EUR processing fee. 

We will have a flexible policy regarding the substitute of participants.

Should the staff conference have to be cancelled due to COVID-19,  95% of the participation fee will be refunded. We ask that the remaining 5% is retained to cover the venue’s cancellation fee (application from mid June) should the event not go ahead.


  • Anthony Camilleri, National Secretary General, YMCA Malta
  • Antti Fallenius, YMCA Finland
  • Heather Stevenson, Executive Assistant - YMCA Thames Gateway
  • Ingrid Greiby, YWCA-YMCA of Sweden
  • Maria Fayez, financial manager YWCA-YMCA of Sweden
  • Olga Lukina, YMCA Europe Executive Secretary for Movement Strengthening
  • Sara Dzvonikova, international secretary, YMCA in the Czech Republic
  • Stephanie Meise, VHM delegate; CVJM Germany

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