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29th June 2021

YMCA Europe is pleased to invite you to our 1st Women in Leadership Conference, on July 15th from 15.00 to 16.30CET

women in leadership

Through a diverse range of speakers, we will share examples of achievements, personal development and success stories led by women serving at the YMCA in different positions and cultural contexts across Europe.

The conference will also raise the challenges and specific needs that women continue facing in order to break barriers and reach full equality.

Across Europe and the world, female leaders are gradually having a higher presence at all fields and all of us see that reality in politics, entrepreneurship, economy, education or technology.

Their capacity to positively influence others, their skills in organisational management and the achievements in social transformation, show that successful leadership is connected with specific qualities such as cooperation, promotion of participation, communication style, pragmatic approach and effective strategic planning.

The YMCA at all levels is an example of inclusive leadership teams and in recent years we have strongly benefited from the appointment of women in key roles both within the governance and management of our movement.

The first female President of World YMCA – Patricia Pelton - was elected in 2018. At YMCA Europe we have also our first female President since November 2020 and in fact Emma Osmundsen serves in our Executive Committee with three other female officers as Vice-president, Treasurer and Recording Secretary.

In addition the number of women as CEO’s (National General Secretaries) and as chairs or National Movements continues increasing across Europe, even if we must admit that women’s representation in decision making positions is still low at the YMCA just like in other sectors.

The Women in Leadership Conference will include keynotes, panels and testimonies that will inspire the participants contributing to their personal development. In our constant journey towards a movement with equal opportunities and social justice, we encourage you to register as soon as possible as far as the conference is limited to 100 seats.

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Programme of the conference
  • Emma Osmundsen. President YMCA Europe

Welcome, opening remarks and objectives of the Conference

              Patricia Pelton, President World YMCA

              CiCi Rojas, Chair of the Board YMCA USA

  • Jill Bedford, President European YWCA and Marta Nagel-Alne, Board member European YWCA

  • Keynote. Purificacion Angue Ondo. Diplomat 

  • Lika Zakaryan. (video) YMCA Europe’s “Roots” team.

  • Panel : Female Leadership at YMCAs in Europe

Mathilde Thue (Norway). World YMCA Executive Committee member. Facilitator

Kerry Reilly, National General Secretary YMCA Scotland

Vladi Vidlakova, President YMCA Czech Republic

Dorina Lluka-Davis, General Secretary YMCA Kosovo

  • Emma Osmundsen, President YMCA Europe

Final remarks and closing

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