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13th June 2017

The YMCA Europe Leadership Academy (YLA) second session in full swing in Chisinau, Moldova

The Leadership Academy is deep into its second session, taking place in Chisinau, Moldova. Our 28 participants from 19 countries are coming here after our first session dedicated to leadership, human rights based approach and democratic governance (Read more about the first session of the training).

After having gained a human rights perspective, and looked at the requirements of a healthy NGO governance and leadership, the participants have run governance training in their own YMCA and are now coming back for the second session.

This session is dedicated to increase social relevance of our YMCAs by identifying and better serving vulnerable groups in our communities, and learning how to build a healthy strategic planning for that. The participants will also learn about project management and how to shape socially relevant projects that will enrich the activities of their YMCAs.

During the seminar they will also reflect on misdion statements and learn the basis of fundraising. This is a lot of new work for most of them, but they are committing with passion and curiosity to new concepts and tools. Tomorrow the participants will also visit YMCA Moldova facilities and projects, observing the difference it makes in the community, and also enjoy the local culture and food.

The next and last meeting of the Leadership Academy will be in Brussels, tackling advocacy, communication and social impact. If you want to know more on the Leadership Academy, follow us on the YMCA Europe Facebook page, our Twitter and Instagram account.

The Leadership Academy is co-funded by the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe.



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