„YMCA Europe is a working fellowship to strengthen movements where people grow in body, mind and spirit.“


15th November 2021

"Y Consultants" is a Movement Strengthening Initiative created for Peer-to-Peer support with YMCA Europe.


YMCA has a very rich experience in very different spheres and also the potential to develop these further. There are plenty of individuals who are experts in various areas and ready to share their knowledge.

There is also a demand for expertise in various spheres.

Now, if you are searching for a consultant in the sphere of governance, communication, strategic planning, partnership development, people development, fundraising, property, etc., you can refer to this resource. 

YMCA Europe is grateful to people who voiced their willingness to contribute! 

We are glad to introduce a database of people who are ready to share their expertise!

The Database and Rules are here.

Please, read the rules carefully before approaching people!

This is the form for experienced and knowledgeable people who want to contribute.

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