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3rd May 2022

YMCA Setubal is building 4 of 9 apartments in the YMCA Community Center.


These will be Autonomous Apartments in the City of Setúbal, to operate with the support of the Social Intervention Team - 4 apartments of the YMCA House will be delivered on June 6, 2022 to young people from Ukraine referred by the High Commission for Migration (ACM) but also by YMCA Europe in coordination with the YMCA in Ukraine.

The goal of this new social response is to temporarily host part of these young people and to integrate them culturally, academically, and professionally.

This is one of the innovations that reinforce the Purpose of the YMCA Setúbal, the value of this investment is around 60 000 euros and was unanimously approved by the Associates in General Assembly.

The launch had the logistical support of the Municipality of Setúbal and the Town Council of São Sebastião and the units will be delivered fully furnished and equipped. Their typology is T1 and have between 25 to 34 square meters.


This social response emerges after 4 years of incubation of the idea. In the initial phase, we hope to welcome young people between 18 and 30 years old from Ukraine but it will be an open door to young people from all over the world. These apartments could become part of the network for hosting young refugees.

The creation of this YMCA House is perceived as a Unit of Inclusion, that is, people are encouraged to use Health and Wellness Programs, enroll their children in Day Care to Catl Programs, and use the youth programs ranging from Mentoring to Job Training.

Another major programmatic goal is to strengthen Transnationality by opening the doors of the World to the community and the city.

Author/Source: António Malveiro, YMCA Setúbal

940,171 €

Funds received up to July 8th in response to the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.

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