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18th December 2019

The 3rd cohort of YMCA Europe Leadership Academy will start its first session "Global Citizens for Local Communities" in March 2020 in Malta

YMCA Europe is finishing this year by sending confirmation letters to the selected participants of the Leadership Academy course: 32 participants from 24 National Movements have just received this "present" yesterday. Volunteers and staff people, 18-34 years old, highly motivated for development in YMCA, bearing in their minds ideas of social projects changing the lives of people - will become part of the journey.

We are thankful to all YMCAs for the great cooperation! 

The first session "Global Citizens for Local Communities" will take place on 24-29 March 2020 in Malta. YMCA Europe voices big gratitude to YMCA Malta which is helping to find co-funding for the course! The participants will start the course with reflecting on what youth participation means and then go deep to discussions about mission and values, target groups and governance system of civil society organisations. 

The 2nd and the 3rd sessions are going to take place in June (Slovakia) and November 2020 (Belgium) and will concentrate on social projects and advocacy. 

This year the Preparation Team has become bigger as selected Interns joined. These are graduates of previous cohorts of Leadership Academy: Anthony Camilleri (YMCA Malta), Evelyna Simeonidou (YMCA Greece), Francesco Zoffoli (YMCA Italy) and Matthew Dellaquaglia (YMCA Scotland). Tina Larionova (YMCA Russia), Martina Hudcovska (YMCA Europe), Olga Lukina (YMCA Europe) remain the core of the team. 

YMCA Europe is excited and looking forward to meeting the participants, hear their personal stories of "youth participation", provide them knowledge and motivation they need for their outstanding work in the sphere of social change!

More information about the Leadership Academy scheme.

Author/Source: Olga Lukina