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23rd May 2017

Mathilde from YMCA Norway represented YMCA Europe at the Malta Conference on the future of Europe, a high level conference to give youth a voice in these fast changing times.

On the invitation of the Maltese Presidency of the European Union young people and policy makers was gathered in Malta for the EU Youth Conference: Youth for Tomorrow's Europe.

The aim of the conference was to "think outside the box" and consider some of the broader historical, political, cultural and economic issues that may often be over-looked or not considered adequately in formulating youth policies that impact on the lives of young people across the continent.

We delegated as our representative Mathilde Emilie Thue, from YMCA Norway, who will also be the World Alliance candidate as UN Youth Envoy. The UN Youth Envoy is part of the team of the UN Secretary General, and it is the highest person in charge to represent youth globally.

If you want a YMCA UN Youth Envoy, please contact your Ministry for Youth and the one for Foreign Affairs: they will be those who can vote for Mathilde!

From left: Austrian Gov.repr Katja Marlovits, Professor on European Youth Policy Howard Williamson, Estonian Gov. repr. Katrin Siider, Austrian Youth delegate Isabella Steger and YMCA Europe rep. Mathilde Emilie Thue

Together with YMCA Malta