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21st January 2015

YMCA France will organise a seminar for young people from all over Europe around the 30th of November to the 5th of December during the COP 21 in Paris.

Photo source: sourceable.net

The seminar "Youth in Action for the climate" will be held in Paris, France during the COP 21.

The main topic of the seminar will be to give the young people an opportunity to share their opinion, knowledge, national projects, fears and solutions around the climate change. The group will visit different places in Paris related to the thematic: COP 21 village, different environment projects in the city, exhibitions,...

The YMCA Resource Group on Environment will also be organising YMCA participation during COP 21 (30 November - 11 December) for advocacy around Climate Issues. This will be an opportunity as well for YMCAs to engage young leaders with this historic UN Conference.

In considering to apply together with us, please keep in mind this broader picture. Movements interested in sending participants to the seminar are required to partner the funding application to Erasmus+. To do so, we will need you to send us your PIC number quickly to c.graser@ymca.fr and fill the mandate form which you can find here. (mandate)

For any questions, further information or guidance, please contact YMCA France on this email address: c.graser@ymca.fr

Please note the deadline to partner this application is Friday the 23rd of January.

More info available here.

Author/Source: Cédric GRASER, Projets internationaux YMCA France