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4th February 2019

On January 11 and 12, we welcomed Evelyna, Eliza, Egla and MIrjami from the Youth Policy Group (YPG) in YMCA Europe’s Brussels office.

On the first day, we organized an interactive workshop for the YPG. The objective was to give them the opportunity to understand what the EU is and how its institutions work. We found important to make them discover or remind the biggest players we play daily with and which have a crucial influence on their local YMCAs. After that activity, we focused on Advocacy topics for 2019. We spoke about the new EU Youth Coordinator, the EU Common Education area but also the new programme “Discover EU” launched by the European Union. We identified some worrying elements about these new European initiatives which needed to be discussed within the EYF to establish a common position about it. Ilenia then explained to the YPG the updates made on the Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) and Erasmus+. We finished our busy day by a brainstorming for the Strategy to adopt within the YPG. We identified our priorities and themes for 2019 including mental health and the integration of the UN Advocacy group implanted by the World Alliance by one member of the YPG. We also thought about some actions to efficiently implement our priorities like motions, policy papers, campaigns or a General Assembly proposal.

On the second day, we continued to work on the YPG Strategy. We added 2019 Elections to our themes and priorities but also the use of Erasmus+ by our members. We discussed about actions to be internally and externally proficient : campaigns on social medias, short position paper with a tool box and a short survey for our members. We discussed then on the Education Policy Paper, updating December meeting with INGYOs and defining our line on non-formal and formal education. YMCA Europe and the YPG also had a discussion on Mental Health. We decided to write a policy paper and a motion.

It was a working week-end and we were so pleased to welcome our YPG ! We hope to see them again soon.