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4th December 2018

Volunteers Day : One person can contribute to positive change

Our research among all National Movements in Europe, shows that there are over 95.000 volunteers serving the YMCA movement in Europe. They are involved in governance, programmes and representation, strengthening the YMCA mission at the local, national and international levels. Our deep gratitude to all volunteers for their work, commitment and inspiration.

Today, December 5th we celebrate the International Volunteers Day. Thank you and congratulations to each of you, volunteers at the YMCA movement across Europe!

It only takes 1 person to contribute to positive change. It can be you!
It can be someone that you involve as volunteer. 
Look around ...
Observe the challenges in your community, your environment, your space.

Seek for tools that you need and help transforming your community by helping others.
Your time, skills and commitment make you a social agent,
if you really want to become one.

The YMCA can provide you the space, the tools and the guiding principles
to be an effective volunteer.

Then, you can make a difference.
You can contribute to positive change ... and YMCA Europe will be behind you!

Thank you for taking a step forward .... and happy 2018 Volunteers Day !!

"Sometimes we feel that what we do is just a drop in the ocean, but the sea would not be the same without that drop" - Mother Theresa

"If I help someone to have hope, my life would be worth it" - Martin Luther King

"It is not how little but how much we can do for others" - George Williams