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10th February 2020

The Youth Policy Group (YPG) is a unique body within YMCA Europe composed of young people chosen coming from our member movements, who shape and build the advocacy of YMCA Europe and represent us externally.

The YPG is youth-led, meaning our advocacy is shaped and managed by young people. If you want to be part of the YPG, you should be under 30 (with some exceptions) and be available to work with us on our advocacy.

The YPG members are in charge of:

1. Writing Policy Papers: the basis of our advocacy.

A Policy Paper is a research piece focusing on a specific policy issue that provides clear recommendations for policy makers. The idea is to build a coherent position concerning a specific subject such as: work with refugees, youth unemployment, peace and justice etc. Therefore, as a member of the YPG, you will work on policy priorities for YMCA Europe.

2. Representation.

The YPG also represents the interests of YMCA Europe in external meetings with European Institutions, the UN, National Governments, and with international youth bodies such as the European Youth Forum and the Advisory Council on Youth to the Council of Europe. During these meetings, the YPG presents and defends the positions of YMCA on various topics and showcases the work of our members for youth.

What do you need to be in the YPG:

  • A good level of spoken English;
  • To be preferably under 30 years of age;
  • Your CV and a short motivation letter (1 paragraph) stating why you want to be in the YPG and what are the youth policy issues you would like to work on (social justice, human rights, environment, mental health, EU youth policy dialogue, employment, migration, etc..);
  • The support of your movement: your movement needs to send your CV and your motivation;
  • Your movement needs to specify if they will also support some of the expenses on occasion.

N.B: If you do not have any economical support, and you are above 30 years old, please still apply but let us know, as it might impact your opportunities within the YPG.

Interested to join? Please email ilenia[at]ymcaeurope.com

Deadline: March 31st, 2020.

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