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3rd February 2020

Empowering Summer Camp Youth Leaders (ESYL for short) is a short training course, hosted by YMCA Nederland in cooperation with YMCA Europe Camping Programme Group, to strengthen the YMCA summer camp work in Europe.

The training course takes place from 20–24 of May and is located on one of the national campsites of YMCA Nederland in Leusden, in the middle of The Netherlands with representatives from The Netherlands, Romania, North Macedonia, Sweden, Finland, Italy, France and Portugal.

There are 2 main goals for the training:

  • First of all, there is the goal to strengthen the YMCA summer camp work in Europe, by sharing knowledge with each other, learning new ideas, methods and games from each other;
  • The second goal is to see if we can start to make some sort of ‘standard’ for European summer camps from the YMCA and related organisations (for example Don Bosco). Making a standard means that we start making a rough guideline what you offer as YMCA when you organize summer camps, what it is to make sure you offer quality that fits within the YMCA, and what you need to reach that quality.

Some of the countries involved in this project have been organizing summer camps for quite a long time, and there are also countries who have just (re)started with summer camping with their organization. 

The program will be full of knowledge about how to organize summer camps, how to work with youth, to be a good youth leader, group work, and of course games! The training course is for volunteers and/or youth workers (17 - 30 years old) who organize summer camps or want to learn how to organize summer camps.

Contact person: Rosanne Verhoeven - rosanne[at]ymca.nl


Author/Source: YMCA Netherland