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ESG Jamboree 2021

The ESG Jamboree is one of the international events organized by the European YMCA Scouting and Jungschar Group.

Category: YMCA Europe events
Date: 1st July 2021 - 15th September 2021

Due to the coronavirus situation, the group members will not be able to gather for an international camp. The spirit of the Jamboree will not falter, even though the physical camp has been cancelled.

The organisers are providing you with Not-So-Jamboree – The ESG Program Package, which includes activities suited for all situations: to do with your local group, in smaller groups or by yourself.

Share your experiences also on Instagram by tagging @esgjamboree and @esgymca. Tagged stories and pictures will be shared here and on Instagram.

Read in full: https://ymcatampere.fi/esg-jamboree/