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9th October 2017

From 29th until 30th September the YMCA Europe Field Group Belarus met in Minsk. The National Conference of YMCA Belarus followed on 1st October.

The members of the Field Group welcomed the YMCA of the USA, represented by Tom Valentine, as a new member of the Field Group.

During the meeting, amongst other, the following main topics were discussed:

  • the extraordinary conditions for the YMCA work in Belarus
  • current activities and programmes of YMCA Belarus
  • international networking and co-operation including both umbrella organisations YMCA Europe and World YMCA
  • YMCA Youth Centre Ponyemontsy

The reconstruction work progressed remarkably and enabled to run different events in 2017 such as camps and the big summer festival. Future possible management structures of the centre were a topic as well.

Author/Source: Martin Weder, Field Group Leader