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16th June 2017

On the June 3rd, Czech YMCA joined in the YMCA World Challenge, annual celebration of our movement´s birthday.

The YMCA Czech Republic prepared Open Doors day in YMCA building in the city centre of Prague, the event being also connected with the 125th birthday of basketball. The idea was to open the YMCA Palace to the public and show them, that YMCA is much more than „only a house" in Prague.

The Palace itself is a very special building, bulit in 1928, nowadays there is sportcentre, swimming pool, running paternoster elevator, offices and headquarters of YMCA Czech Republic and YMCA Europe. For the event were prepared commented tours, that presented the history of YMCA in Czechia and also told more about the time the house was bulit and also about architecture.

Visitors had a chance to take a ride in one of the oldest paternoster elevators in Prague, see an exposition that was mapping work of YMCA in Czechia from 1921 to present days, listen to one of the concerts of Ten Sing Prague or have a piece of the birthday cake. Children could take part in crafting workshop and in the YMCA gym everyone could shoot hoops and together, were scored 700 goals.

The whole day was full of joy and celebration and we believe, that many people know more about YMCA than they did before June 3rd 2017.

Author/Source: Vladislava Vidláková - YMCA Czech Republic