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10th May 2017

Long term volunteer needed in YMCA Le Rocheton, France.

About the service

This service will take part in a YMCA Center near Melun. The center offers various support through a
popular education activities, social residence, and public housing for young people and immigrants.

  • Participate in the organization of facilitation activities in order to better integrate the public in the center;
  • Support the teams in the daily activities of the center (reception, bar tending, kitchen, cleaning, administration, communication, maintenance etc.)
  • Facilitate public spaces, organize events to allow residents to bond, friendliness, and educational support with kids;
  • During the mission, you will be encouraged to put in place new projects/activities: Board games, event, thematic evening, sporting events etc.

Practical information:

  • Location: YMCA le Rocheton, Melun
  • Duration: 10 to 12 month
  • Compensation: 470€/month
  • Transport costs are the volunteers' responsibility
  • Housing possibility in the local YMCA
  • Participation in a civic and citizenship training and the PSC1 (first aid training) is required during the service


  • Between 18 and 25 year old
  • Notions of French required
  • Please send your resume and cover letter
  • This service is possible only for European citizens or foreigner who have been living in France for more than one year

More information: http://ymca.fr or http://www.ymca-rocheton.fr/index.php/fr/

Contact: Cédric Graser, Tel. 00 33 (0)1 45 83 18 07

Author/Source: Cédric Graser, YMCA France

1,384,671 €

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