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Youth Empowerment Space (YES)

What is the Mission of the Youth Empowerment Space (YES)?

YES is a Network of young leaders and participants of YMCA Europe’s projects and programmes in order to monitor challenges of youth and to coordinate actions if needed. 

The YES Network joins participants and graduates of the

as well as young people from national movements interested in the youth work of YMCA Europe.

Its aim is to give young people a space to exchange ideas and challenges, and to initiate new initiatives based on their interests and necessities.

As such, YES also creates room for youth to connect to the Executive Committee of YMCA Europe and to share their perspectives in the internal governance structures.

How can you become active and join YES?

Through online and in-person meetings, as well as trainings and seminars YES participants can stay in touch with each other and create momentum for actions, capacity building and exchange between youth across Europe.

Please check the dedicated Facebook group and stay tuned for upcoming activities that you can join on the official YMCA Europe channels.

You can also join one of the programme groups of YMCA Europe mentioned above and become a member of YES through it. Please follow the links for more information.

The Youth Empowerment Space strives to have representatives from each European YMCA in order to get young voices heard across countries and to ensure equal representation across the continent.

If you are interested, have questions about joining or want to know more about the Youth Empowerment Space you can also ask our Youth, Advocacy and Project Assistant via email at hannah[at]ymcaeurope.com

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